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  • With Lightning Sales Console we can play with sales tools with a great ease, such as with prospect leads, close deals, and manage and customize it as per the use-case.


Sales Console
  • As we can see here, in the above picture sections are numbered to easily explore the sales console.

  1. Whenever we open a sales console, we are able to traverse through all standard as well as custom objects. In this example, we have a custom object called an Employee.
  2. Here, a record is displayed. Its details are displayed here. It displays the page layout of that particular record. It even covers all system information like, record owner, created time etc.
  3. This is the Related tab. Here we can see all the related lists that we created for that object and record.
  4. It has other options too like creating a new case, deleting records, editing it, changing owner, changing record type, printable view etc. This basically allows doing all the editing stuff regarding records and objects.
  5. It is an easy navigation through all the related lists created for that object. Related lists allow us to filter out certain records and display it to users as per their use-cases.
  6. History tab provides a traversal through our recent activities that we do with the sales console.


  • Sales Console provides an immense benefit to business use-cases. Users can create custom objects and handle it in various ways using a sales console.
  • Also we can add tags of our custom objects to these apps as it provides an ease while inserting records into the custom objects.
  • With a business use-case perspective, users can create and customize their own apps using app manager and again manage it here in a sales console.

 In the picture below, a custom app is created with the name ‘Payroll System’. Further it can be utilised for maintaining payrolls of all employees in employee objects. 

Payroll System Sales console

Likewise, we can use a sales console for business use-cases as per demand of clients.


In nutshell, a sales console is perfect with a utilization perspective for sales and marketing people. Multiple applications can be used by these agents to keep the context of cases as per the use-case of business.

From the perspective of developers, they can solve unique business problems with the features and components provided by a sales console. They can use Salesforce Console API to add third-party integrations.

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Sales Console
Lighting sales console can help you with different sales tools, handle leads, manage audiences and solve problems for your business through the salesforce cloud platform.
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