Salesforce Chrome Extension

Salesforce Chrome Extension

I adore the SFDC Community. If you’ve attended Dreamforce at least once, you’ll know that the entire community is tremendously helpful and supportive. The Salesforce Chrome extensions further demonstrate that the community has developed in an effort to increase Salesforce users’ productivity. Here are the best Chrome extensions for Salesforce 2022 that will help you operate more efficiently and effectively.

Categories of Chrome Salesforce Extensions

  1. Better Salesforce Formula Editor

           This add-on enhances the Salesforce formula editor.

           Want a better Salesforce formula editor?

             – Syntax highlighting enabled

             – Automatic field and metadata completion – Live snippets and documentation

             – Support for tabulation – Lightning compatible

  1. Salesforce DevTools

           Among the potent Salesforce developer tools are the Query Editor, Fields Definition, ERDs, and Page Layout.

           In addition, Salesforce DevTools is a sophisticated Chrome plugin for Salesforce developers that enables the following:

    • Quickly generate Apex / SOQL code and export query results to an Excel file.
    • Quick access to any object’s new record page, list page, and object settings page.
    • Quickly find and verify the usage of object fields.
    • Display field API names on object detail pages in Salesforce.
    • Exporting Objects Definition to an Excel document.
    • Exporting the Objects Fields Definition to an Excel file.
    • Exporting Page Layout Definition for Objects to an Excel file.
    • Exporting List View Definition for Objects to an Excel file.
  •  Salesforce data modal (ERDs) generator.
    • All checkboxes and radio buttons on the profile edit page and field permissions edit page.
    • Edit, delete, and duplicate custom fields in bulk (Only Classic).
  1. Salesforce Inspector

Productivity tools for Salesforce administrators and developers to examine data and information from within the Salesforce user interface.

The extension adds a metadata layout on the standard Salesforce UI to increase the efficiency and enjoyment of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work.

  1. Boostr for Salesforce

Boostr increases your admin and developer productivity on! Existing capabilities include the ability to search when…

Boostr increases your admin and developer productivity on!

Current features include: – The ability to search when adding items to a change set; – Filtering by type when adding to a change set; – Displaying all items of a given type on a single page when adding items to a change set; and – Adding a checkbox to table headers in the admin area to select or deselect all items in a column.

– Displaying the API Name next to field names during field set editing

– Using Pascal Case for API Names when constructing new objects and fields

– Stopping the placeholder text from populating the setup area sidebar

– Display the quantity of chosen fields on the field history tracking page

– Capability to deselect all page layouts by default when adding a new field.

– Use the app’s popup menu to convert Salesforce Ids.

– View other system summary statistics.

– Select Failed Tests to rerun with the touch of a button on the Apex Test Execution page!

  1. ORGanizer for Salesforce

The ORGanizer Chrome Extension (BETA) allows you to forget your® username and password and recognize® tabs in your browser.

Using Salesforce ORGanizer, you can: – Store your regularly used accounts (basic password encryption, details in the manual): username/password / URL for logging in / landing page.

– Login to an account in a new tab, window, or window in incognito mode, or obtain the complete login URL for other browsers.

– Alter the tab and title of an ORG to identify which account corresponds to which ORG instantly

– Utilize the Quick Link function to access your most often used standard Salesforce links rapidly

– Establish your own personal ORG’s quick link library to manage specific links

  1. Salesforce LWC Editor

Make Salesforce LWC development simple and rapid. Log in to salesforce and click the “Salesforce LWC Editor” icon (browser’s upper-right corner [Chrome extension’s standard icon-bar]) when the icon’s color changes to blue.

Please reload the page if this extension is being used for the first time.

Functionality: Quick ‘Create New Components’ Create/Update Apex Classes

➡ Create a new file for a certain component.

Download and back up a specified component or file.

Locate code in every LWC component.

Change the name of a particular file or component. Delete a specific file or element.

Save (deploy) your changes quickly by using CTRL+S.

➡ All LWC development snippets (shortcut keys) are provided.

Editor Experience: The appearance and feel of the editor are the same as VS Code. Themes for VS Code are available.

  1. Easy CRUD

Assign CRUD and FLS in Bulk from a Single Screen

This Extension permits Salesforce Administrators and Developers to assign CRUD and FLS Permissions from a Single Screen. Other features enable the opportunity to export permissions in CSV format and build permission dashboards.

  1. Salesforce Show Api Name

Display API Names for Fields and Objects on Detail Pages (LEX & Classic).

This repository is an add-on for Chrome that displays field and object API names on the record detail page.

How to utilize:

If you click the extension icon on the salesforce classic/lightning record detail page, the field/object api name will be added to the page.

In addition to clicking the symbol, the following shortcuts are also supported:

macOS: Control + Command + Z

Windows: shift + alt + Z

Linux: alt + shift + Z

ChromeOs: shift + alt + Z

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I adore the SFDC Community. The Salesforce Chrome extensions will help you operate more efficiently and effectively to increase Salesforce users’ productivity.
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