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Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is a part of the Salesforce CRM designed to support and streamline your sales and marketing operations and provide assistance to your teams simultaneously. This platform helps maintain customer communication via customized and configured channels to bring more sales and value to your company.

Lead management functionalities help businesses get more leads and finally more sales. Sales Cloud automatically feeds the lead information from various touch points like your web forms, emails, chats etc into the pipeline and creates prospective opportunities. Salescoud automates this entire process and scores the relevant leads and qualifies them based on their response. These can then be pursued in an ethical way to increase your sales. Our experts help you create an automated pipeline that can save your sales representatives the time and efforts required to execute this tedious sales process.

Store, track and view all the important details about your previous and existing potential customers. The Salesforce Sales Cloud let’s you keep a track of the sales figures and analyse and map out your sales strategy. The progressive sales forecasting paves way to track all sales processes in your pipeline and define what stage they are at. It also lets you track the team members handling specific tasks with complete and detailed information.

The Sales Cloud helps create personalized sales and marketing campaigns to generate relevant leads through Sales Cloud. Since a lot rides on these campaigns, automated tools track them once they are live and evaluate the activities being carried out. Depending on the campaign hierarchies, the cloud let’s you integrate two or more campaigns and let’s you keep a track on the campaign reports.

With the help of Sales Cloud, we migrate your data from both internal and external sources to the CRM. We ensure smooth data transfer from your existing platform to the Sales Cloud with utmost care. We setup your entire system and help you understand the operations of the new setup.

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What Salesforce users say

The best CRM to keep all accounts, and activities organized.
Very precise dashboard and highly customizable.
Efficient lead management and tracking into the pipeline from all relevant touch points.
Ease of use for users as they do not have to notify the client manually.

Custom Development

Our certified experts provide you with customized solutions catered for your business needs. Our services don’t just end at the implementation. Our solutions grow with your business needs and any upgrades or development features you need will be provided as per your requirements.

Why choose Salesforce Sales Cloud Edition?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is marketing automation software that helps businesses execute every detailed aspect of their marketing strategy. It has a set of tools combined to provide the best personalised customer experience across various channels. The wide range of features of the marketing cloud enables brands execute everything from cross-channel campaign management to basic email marketing.

The wide range of Salesforce Marketing Cloud features enables brands to do everything from basic email marketing to sophisticated cross-channel campaign management.

  • increase in the lead volume
  • increase in lead conversion
  • increase in marketing ROI

Marketing Cloud tools include:

  • Journey Builder
  • Email Studio
  • Data Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Interaction Studio
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Pardot

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Find out how Marketing cloud can work for you

Benefits of using Marketing Cloud

Data Management:

SFMC has the ability to store various kinds of data and create a dta model specific to your business needs. This data management and mapping is done using data extensions i.e a table that can be associated to form a relational database supported with SQL.

Customization with Artificial Intelligence:

The AI technology labeled “Einstein” allows combination of data so that it can be organized with the help of AI and features some interesting applications within Marketing Cloud namely:

  • Customised communication with customers based on their relation with the company
  • Engagement scoring 
  • Set time optimisation to plan the best time to send a message so that the chances of it opening are higher
  • Engagement frequency to understand the number of messages to be sent to individuals.

A profound knowledge on the customer:

Connect data from various sources and devices with the help of Marketing Cloud in order to obtain a vision of the customer. This setup also helps capture and activate first, second and third party data.

Interest across customer journey:

Generate attention and awareness across the customer journey using a two way engagement and generate attention and awareness during the entire process. Gain insights to be able to offer every customer the best action for them.

Impact Analysis

Gain access to relevant data using Artificial Intelligence and the most sophisticated Google Analytics 360 that help marketing cloud perform all aspects of measurements involved in a customers journey.

Marketing Cloud offers services for both B2B and B2C businesses.
The true benefits would be: data sources unification, every channel customization, the ability to interact in any given moment of the customer relationship and campaign results measurement.


Increase the efficiency of your marketing budget and get the maximum returns on it.

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