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Flows are used for automating business processes, It can execute formulas, logics for better results. Flow holds many Components like Screen and more. It can be easily done by Drag and drop tool and increases productivity.

The whole Lightning Flow can be created by not writing a single piece of code.

The Flows includes following Elements:

1. Interaction:

  • Screen : Screen Element is to create UI parts based on user Requirements.
  • Actions : All Action Included
  • SubFlow

2. Logic:

  • Logic Includes  elements like Decisions, Loop, Pause, Loop.
  • They are basically used to add custom logic on requirements .

3. Data:

  • The Data includes Create Records, update Records, delete Records and Get Records.
  • It is used for linking the external data to store in Salesforce.

Benefits of Flows:-

  • The drag and drop functionality is easy to implement.
  • A complex process can be done by Flows apart from using Apex.
  • A Flow Builder handles simple user interface, easy to use.
  • It can be easily accessed by non developers too.

Let’s Create a Basic Flow:

I will create a basic Contact Record Page with the help  of Flows

Step 1: Setup < Type “Flows” in Quick Find Box” < Process Automation < Flows

Salesforce Flow

Step 2: Select New Flows to create a new Flow.

Step 3: Select Screen Flow and Create.

Salesforce Flow

Step 4: Firstly add the Screen Element by dragging it from the element section.

Salesforce Flow

Enter the Label and set the Properties as per your choice.

  1. The Properties are Configure Frame which includes Header and footer checkbox. They are whether to show the header and footer part or not.
  2. Control Navigation:- To display the buttons like Finish , Next and Back.
  3. Provide Help :-This is used to guide users for help in any particular field. The Help Text can be customized in various fonts and colors.
Salesforce Flow

Step 5: Drag the Text Component for input and Set the properties.

Do it the same for Last Name and Birthdate . The Birthdate Component will be Date.

Salesforce Flow
Salesforce Flow

Step 6: Connect the Element by drag and Drop

Salesforce Flow

Step 7: Save the flow and run it.

Salesforce Flow

After Running, you can see the basic former created using flows.

Salesforce Flow

Hope you got a Sneak peak of Lightning Flows , how they are executed even without a single piece of code.

To Deep dive into it,

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