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Salesforce for Nonprofit is a platform for impact

What is Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform, CRM- Customer Relationship Management.
  • As the name implies it sells business, manages their relationships with their customers.
  • It is a Flexible customizable platform.
  • It stores all data in one place.
  • It has advanced automation and reporting capabilities.

Concept of Non Profit:

  • 10 years ago a group of tech savvy nonprofit trailblazers came together with a vision that why not build a data architecture by customising the Salesforce for nonprofits to help the changemakers. 
  • So they created an open source non profit focus tool on top of the Salesforce platform.
  • Thus NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) is created which is primarily created for nonprofits for fundraising.
  • In today’s connected world, it is more important than ever to run a nonprofit organisation on one platform with Salesforce; they have envied a 360 degree view of their organization.
  • Better visibility translates into greater efficiency and deeper insights and getting connected which will help the teams to achieve the missions and steering impacts. 
  • With the help of salesforce open-source tools, Nonprofits and educational institutions can connect with their supporters, colleagues, and beneficiaries to maximise their impact.
  • 30K+ Nonprofits use Salesforce to keep track of their clients, donors, board members and volunteers.                      
  • The Nonprofit technology works faster in the community.
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Advantages of Nonprofit Cloud:

  • To address the challenges heard across the organization when it comes to building donor relationships to raise more resources,engage the constituents, delivering programs more effectively.
  • Nonprofit cloud is a complete set of solutions to run their programs,run more resources,take every constituent on their own personal journey of impact.
  • It connects the entire organization including data,systems, people, and processes.
  • Manages your entire mission with one integrated CRM platform.
  • With this it leverages a unified view of supporters to improve the donor experience and fundraising performance.
  • It uses insights to create highly personalized constituent experiences to build strong trusted experiences.
  • Optimizes programs faster and increases their impact at scale.
  • For smarter decisions and achieving sharper processes you can count on  Nonprofits which in turn delivers greater social impact.
  • Transforms the processes, empowers teams,and fast tracks goals with Salesforce.

What it includes?:

Salesforce nonprofit cloud
nonprofit program management

Program Management:

  • Programmes and services are the backbones of any Nonprofits mission.
  • Program management mainly includes, tracking the processes and calculating the outcomes.
  • Flexibility of Nonprofit cloud manages programmes very effectively.
  • Every Nonprofit organization is unique in its own ways but the customizable platform makes it easier with the point and clicks methods reducing coding.


  • It gives the 360 degree view of every supporter helps in maintaining long relationships.
  • With better insight into who is supporting you, you can create an optimised management strategy that helps people to a deeper level of engagement.


  • Being a Nonprofit it is important to tell your organisation to the right people at the right time with the right message.
  • In Order to reach the right people there are n number of channels and points to master.

  • With the NPSP it’s easy to make every message more powerful and customized.


Smarter analytics are changing the way nonprofits use data for understanding features of their business, to make big decisions, and measuring the impacts of their efforts in real-time. 

Tracking metrics are covered. 

Intelligent reports and visual dashboards can be built to harness the power of big data.

Measures KPI’s in real time


Get Connected with the Nonprofit Cloud:

  • Connected Nonprofits get real Results.
  • To help you along your journey to success there are multiple support systems.
  • For eligible nonprofits 10 free licenses are provided through the power of Us Program.
  • An active community of over 47k organizations ready to help.

The Power Of Us Program:

The Power Of Us Program
  • The Power of Us Program is used by more than 40,000 nonprofits, foundations, and higher education institutions using Salesforce.
  • the Power of Us Hub – a one-stop resource centre with a wealth of best practice to be joined to our community for instant access to documents specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofits. 
  • Engage with other organizations, connect with employees, meet recognised nonprofit technology experts in our community, and join the App Advice and Consumer Reports group to compare apps and find out from others what they’re using.
  • 10 free Enterprise Edition CRM subscriptions along with discounts on additional subscriptions products, services, training, AppExchange apps, and event tickets and access to nonprofit and specific user groups, events, and webinars to help you on your way.

Is your organisation eligible?

  •  To qualify for a free license, your organisation must be recognised as a charitable, nonprofit, nongovernmental, educational, or social change organisation in the country where you are located. 
  • Your organisation must provide legal documentation showing that you meet the above criteria

What to Expect On your Salesforce Journey:

  1. Salesforce requires configuration, Need to make right decisions as per your needs/ requirements.
  2. You will need staff participation, required to define roles.
  • End Users– Staff that uses Salesforce to do their jobs
  • System Admin– Who configures Salesforce for end users.
  • Executive Sponsor– Who champions Salesforce, sets the visions and encourages adoptions.
  1. Depending upon organizations needs, there may be additional expenses associated, the cost of ownership includes-
  • Additional Licenses.
  • Admin Training.
  • Applications.
  • Partners.

Account executives can estimate the cost. Certified  consulting partner.

  1. Salesforce takes time:

Be realistic about the time needed for implementation and maintenance.

Some organizations need a phased approach to implementation.

Implementation Entails:

  •  -Collecting requirements
  •  -Making necessary configuration
  •  -Importing Data
  •  -Clearing Data

Maintaining Salesforce Entails:

Adding new users, deactivating old users

-Setting up user permissions.

-Maintaining data quality.

-Making additional configuration as necessary.

Salesforce needs to make decisions, With great power comes great responsibility.

What data do we track and why?

Do we need a 3rd party app to accomplish our requirements?

What are our processes, how will they change in NPSP?

Which systems shall we stop using and which shall we use?

The Psychology of change: The Kubler-Ross model for managing the psychology of change.

  1. Don’t go it alone, certified partners are there to help.

Go for partners help if:

  1. Salesforce needs to be extensively customized for your needs.
  2. You are migrating from a complex legacy system. 
  3. You need to integrate with multiple external systems.
  4. Your staff does not have time or expertise necessary for tackling an implementation right now.

Nonprofit Trailblazers

There are some Nonprofit trailblazers as follows:

  • Joyce Meyer Ministries using Salesforce to get closer to their constituents 
  • UNHCR are fundraising for a better future for millions.
  • Refettorio has found the recipe for creating connections that make a real difference.
  • SCOUTS New Zealand transformed to reach 25,000 young people by 2025
  • Community Vision is setting the benchmark for efficient and innovative care.
  • Surf Life Saving NSW is driving purposeful growth through process efficiencies.
  • Cure Cancer raises 226% more funds using Salesforce.

Salesforce’s commitment to the SDGs:

Salesforce is supporting Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

Salesforce is committed to advancing the SDGs through operations, technology, and partnerships of people.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the global to-do list in the next coming years.

To tackle the world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges ,poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice the SDGs provide a shared framework which is adopted by 193 countries, the 17 SDGs 

Resources for the alignments with the SDGs: 

Stakeholder Impact Report and Community Impact Report

Over the next year, Salesforce will invest $17 million to advance the SDGs through grants to nonprofit partners and volunteer one million hours to support the SDGs.

Encouraging the employees to use their volunteer time off (VTO) to volunteer at a school, plant trees or share their technical expertise with nonprofits through Salesforce’s Pro Bono Program.

Salesforce is committed to supporting these goals: 

Salesforce goals
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