Salesforce Health Cloud- A CRM that binds the Doctor and Patient’s relationship.

Salesforce Health Cloud- A CRM that binds the Doctor and Patient’s relationship.


On Sept. 2, 2015, in SAN FRANCISCO, The global leader in CRM introduced “SALESFORCE HEALTH CLOUD.” It is designed to focus on the entitlement of business growth and provide better health to employees, customers, and communities. It is a platform for managing the doctor-patient one-to-one relationship and maintaining a wide range of records and data from many open sources in the cloud-based software offering applications for all aspects of your business, including CRM, sales, ERP, customer service, marketing automation, business analytics, mobile application building, and much more.

Why Salesforce Health Cloud?

Before moving to the salesforce health cloud, I would like to recall our pandemic times when people faced so many issues regarding proper health care, and even doctors met a lot of challenges in providing patients with good care and treatment.

So, Introducing CRM like Salesforce Health Cloud can drastically impact business and value patient health on a priority basis.

Salesforce Health Cloud has its own top-leading CRM that builds a strong and valuable relationship between doctor and patient. It is a.platform that helps doctors and healthcare providers to effectively manage health-related records and personal records of patients coming to their adopted technology.

Some features of Health Cloud:-

  • Real-Time Interaction:-Health Cloud supports one-to-one relationship management through a patient profile that guarantees that patients are always in contact. Companies may also obtain real-time healthcare advice for the convenience of patients and medical professionals by connecting to the private Salesforce community. This inculcates confidence and trust in patients. 


  •  Easily Accessible:-This platform can be easily accessible by patients from any device to contact and communicate with staff, discover answers to (FAQ) frequently asked questions, clear their doubts, and fill out paperwork before their appointment.


  • Data Privacy:- Health Cloud provides data privacy protection and integration. It also provides real-time access with proper security measures and allows professionals as well as customers to view medical history and planned health check-up visits.


  • 360-Degree View:- Salesforce Health Cloud gives you a crystal clear 360-degree view of your patient data. It creates a single database collecting all medical information of your patients(for example, past data that covers the comprehensive history of the patient and future appointments, payers, and pharmacies) that leads to a unique diagnosis and treatment.


  • Integration with EHR:- EHR (Electronic Health Record) maintains a real-time or digital version of patients’ records in the form of a single chart. It makes information available to authorized users that can be securely accessed through an API (Application Programming Interface).

Salesforce Health Cloud understands the importance of EHR integration data and makes them an integral part of the cloud system. EHRs can reduce medical errors by triggering alerts in food/drug interactions and giving healthcare providers proper access to complete and accurate information. Also, patients receive better medical care.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud For Providers, Payers, and patients:-

Salesforce Health Cloud is the leading SaaS provider with its flagship CRM platform, mainly focusing on providing a good healthcare experience to its customers and a user-friendly system that anyone can access.

  • Intelligent Care Collaboration:-By establishing good collaborative relationships with patients and providing them with smarter management tools, facilities, health care providers, and the team can easily focus on the needs of the patients and prioritize the attentive task.

Also, On a single page, patients may see their whole health history, contact information, insurance plans, existing health issues, and prescriptions.  

  • Easy-to-use dashboards and automated forms:- People love the summarized views they get with dashboards, and you can help care coordinators optimize their workload with dashboards. A dashboard shows data from source reports as visual components, which can be charts, gauges, tables, metrics, or Visualforce pages.


  •  Data Model For Payers:- Health Cloud introduces a new payer data model that provides insurance-specific data and simplifies the overall integration of systems into one centralized platform, which improves productivity for clinical professionals and also for non-clinical professionals and allows payers to act smarter to understand member needs and allows them to provide service to the members quickly and efficiently.


  • Empower Sales and Account teams:-Salesforce Health Cloud allows medical device companies to engage and empower their sales and account teams through the centralized data that matters most to standardized processes, task automation, and immediate insights available on any device they use. Health cloud empowers medical device companies to integrate sales forecast visibility into an agreement term.


  •  Enhance the positive experience and outcomes:-To increase positive experience and outcomes for patients, medical device companies can optimize and personalize patient-tailored programs starting with guided enrollment, omnichannel communications, and digital consent management that allows patients to have complete control of their care journey.

Final Words:-

Today we live in a digital modernization world that evolves every day. To keep ahead of the competition, you would need to offer services that are not just at par with customers’ expectations but also affordable enough. Salesforce Health Cloud is the leading CRM platform that prioritizes patients’ health and provides the best medical tools and services that could be a one-stop solution for you to offer you the right benefits per your business model. 

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Salesforce Health Cloud- A CRM that binds the Doctor and Patient’s relationship
Salesforce Health Cloud- A CRM that binds the doctor-patient one-to-one relationship and maintains a wide range of records and data.
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October 18, 2022

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