Salesforce Lightning email templates

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Let’s learn about Email Templates in Salesforce Lightning

To save the valuable time of employees, Email templates are much needed. With templates, employees don’t have to compose an email. Instead, they can use an already-built email template, saving time, which can, in turn, enhance productivity by as much as 40%. 

Email templates are pre-formatted emails that are used to create and send an email quickly. Using merge fields in Email templates, a quick email can be sent which pulls the field data from Salesforce records.

There are 2 permissions necessary to use the Lightning Email Template:

  1. Create Folders for Lightning Email Templates
  2. Manage Public Lightning Email Templates

What are the types of Email Templates created in Salesforce?

There are 4 types of Email templates that are created in salesforce Classics:

  1. Text 
  2. Letterhead
  3. Custom HTML
  4. Visualforce

These Email Templates include Merge fields, Text, and Attached files. 

  • Text: Email templates can be created or changed by all users
  • Letterhead: Based on the letterhead, the Users and Administrators who have “Edit HTML Templates” permission can create HTML email templates containing the company’s letterhead. A Letterhead defines the look and feel of a company’s emails. It also defines the logo, page colour, and text settings for Email templates.
  • Custom HTML: Users and Administrators can also create a custom HTML email template with the “Edit HTML Templates” permission. HTML code should be placed directly in the template.
  • Visualforce: Used by Developers and Administrators, not Users, to create templates. Visualforce email templates allow for advanced merging with a recipient’s data. With Visualforce, the content of a template can contain information from multiple records

How to create an email template in Salesforce lightning?

  1. Go to App Launcher.
  2. Search and click on Email Templates.
  3. Click on New Folder in the right corner(upper)
  4. Enter the Folder Label.
  5. Create an email to use as a template
  6. Click save

Where does the Lightning Email Template save?

By default, the lightning email templates are stored in the Private Directory. The private email templates can be edited or public templates can be owned by all the users. Public templates are created, edited, or deleted only with a Manage Public Lightning Email Templates permission.

How to configure a Salesforce Lightning Email Templates?

Here are the steps to configure Salesforce Lightning Email Templates:

  1. Setup > Lightning Email Templates
  2. Folders and Enhanced Sharing should be enabled
  3. Click the email template tab
  4. Click on All Folders in the Folder section
  5. Click on the New folder
  6. Label the folder and click save
  7. Click on New Templates in All folder page
  8. Name the template
  9. Select related entity type from the drop-down list.
  10.  Type the Description (Optional)
  11. Click on Select folder (Created earlier)
  12. Select the letterhead from drop-down list ( Optional)
  13. Compose an email to use as a template in the HTML value field
  14. Insert images if needed ( insert image icon)
  15. To insert the merge field click on the merge icon 
  16. Add HTML code by clicking the Source icon
  17. Add attachments if required in templates
  18. Click on Save 

How to share email templates with other users?

  1. Go to the Folder Section, click on All folders
  2. Click on the down arrow next to the folder 
  3. Click on  the Share button
  4. Input the required information and click Done

Conclusion :

Email Templates are cool productivity tools that will help Salesforce users spend less time on writing emails and more time being productive. 

Templates are pre-formatted emails that can pull in data using merge fields from Salesforce Objects like Leads, Opportunities or Contacts, or even Custom Objects. Create your own email templates in your private folder or use those created by Administrators for public use.

Either way, Lightning Email Templates are a great way to standardise email communications and increase productivity. 

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