Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot

Customer satisfaction is everything. Marketing cloud services are vital to the success of your marketing and sales efforts to deliver the best service possible. This requires the delivery of unique brand experiences across channels; comprehensive solutions with access to 360-degree customer view to developing distinct, viable specific messaging; planning, personalization and sales and digital marketing processes optimization.

BugendaiTech is here to help you make the most of your cross-channel digital marketing services through Salesforce marketing cloud. Let us help you enhance every interaction so that you can develop real relationships with your clients.

Marketing cloud strategy

Real-time communication through the utilization of relevant data is essential when it comes to successful business management and making your client happy. For example, the key features of Salesforce marketing cloud facilitate

Personalized Customer Journeys

  • Predictive analytics and real-time data management
  • Cross-channel connections and aligned marketing and sales efforts
  • Social media analytics and content management

Salesforce Marketing Cloud VS Pardot

Marketing cloud implementation services

Our team of experienced Salesforce marketing cloud architects and developers will analyze your systems, processes and requirements in order to produce a strategic outline with a detailed step-by-step development plan. Their recommendations may include:

  • Digital marketing automation
  • Sales, marketing and other 3rd party systems
  • Mobile marketing and sales analytics/dashboards/reporting
  • View and user experience enhancement
  • Custom hub exchange and mobile app creation

Through the integration of Salesforce marketing cloud platform with various email marketing, sales, analytic or AI apps and software, we guarantee smooth data flow, bi-directional synchronization, and full utilization of your data to manage marketing processes as efficiently as possible.

Pardot Consulting

Get the most out of your pardot marketing with support from our certified pardot consultants.

Pardot is a powerful marketing automation tool, with countless features available to maximize your marketing automation success. Therefore, it can require extensive expertise to be able to leverage all of these features. All too often, we see clients using one or two advanced features of pardot, but failing to squeeze out all the potential that we know pardot can offer.

BugendaiTech provides pardot support and training from certified pardot consultants, to help build adaptable, dynamic email automations to engage and capture prospects within pardot & Salesforce systems.

We have been doing this long enough to know that every company we work with is unique and may need a different level of pardot support. That’s why BugendaiTech offers various levels of pardot assistance; our clients may choose and customize the support that best suits their needs.

BugendaiTech provides pardot support for companies at all stages of their marketing automation journeys. Your company may still be shopping for the correct solution and comparing pardot to another system, like act-on. Or you may already have pardot implemented and are wondering what to do next. Our pardot consultants can even help optimize and manage your advanced pardot setup, whether it has been running for two days or two years.

BugendaiTech can function as your pardot knowledge base or be in the action; designing, creating, and managing all aspects of your pardot instance. If you’re looking to optimize your pardot implementation and leverage all of its powerful marketing features, start the conversation by contacting us.

Our Pardot Consultants provide Support & Training for:

  • Pardot drip campaigns
  • Pardot dynamic & static list building.
  • Pardot automation rules.
  • Pardot scoring & grading.
  • Pardot responsive email & landing page templates.
  • Pardot email preference centers.
  • Pardot forms & form handlers.
  • Re-engagement automation programs.
  • Advanced dynamic content & variable tags.

  • Prospect data management & cleanup.
  • Pardot & salesforce integrations.
  • Syncing troubleshooting.
  • Re-engagement automation programs.
  • Advanced dynamic content & variable tags.
  • Prospect data management & cleanup.
  • Pardot & salesforce integrations.
  • Syncing troubleshooting.