Salesforce Slack Integration

Salesforce To Slack Integration

Salesforce To Slack Integration

What is Slack?

Slack is another amazing way to connect with the team faster, and in a more secure way. It is generally used across multiple workplaces. With slack you can not only communicate one-to-one but also can communicate in groups.

Salesforce To Slack Integration

By Integrating Salesforce to slack, we can easily collaborate and connect with teams and can manage service and sales reps. 

Slack lets users to easily retrieve the whole salesforce Information and share with team members , users can view their records in slack itself .Whenever something is shared on slack , we get instant notification regarding it. It can reduce the time to work from a single platform and share the information with just clicks!

Integration Salesforce To Slack

To begin , make sure you have sign up for slack 

Step 1: Go Through Slack < Click on App < Search Salesforce App < Click Add.

Step 2: After clicking Add , you will be redirected to Slack App Directory. In App Directory 

Click Add to Slack.

Step 3: Alright Yes ! We have to click Add to Slack again.

Step 4: Review the Conditions and Permissions and Click Allow.

Step 5: Enter Your Salesforce Credentials to Connect Account with Slack.

Step 6: Woohoo! We have integrated salesforce to slack successfully.

This is how we can search any records in any channel of  slack by typing  

/salesforce [Search Term]

Further we can view detail Records:

Integration of Slack To Salesforce

To send notifications from salesforce to slack or for automating , it’s necessary to integrate slack to salesforce.

Step1:  In AppExchange , search Slack for Salesforce or

Go Through this link : Salesforce for Slack – Unlock collaboration across sales and service – Slack Technologies

Step 2: Complete the process of Installing the Slack as we do for other apps.

Select Install for All Users, if we want to that everyone can access slack and click Install.

Step 3: Beforming Agreeing and clicking Continue, make sure you are confirmed to allow third Party Access.

We have Installed Slack in Salesforce Successfully.

Step 4: To Set Up slack in org, Go to App Launcher and select Slack App.

Step 5: Setup the Slack with the completing the  following steps by clicking Get Started.

After Configuration , Here we have Integrate slack to Salesforce.

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