Salesforce Integration

What is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce is a powerful platform offering a number of ways to integrate the world’s leading CRM /sales software and services with your specific project and industry needs. Salesforce integration enable businesses effectively yield real-time data analytics, manage customer relationships, and boost business process.

Skillfully applied, Salesforce integration across platforms and data reinforces your existing processes, and enables you to solve everyday issues while improving overall collaboration, information and productivity. Salesforce integration services are often a solution for various enterprise CRM software in order to operate smoothly. That is where an expert consultancy in Salesforce integration services steps in to make use of everything the Salesforce CRM product has to offer. Bugendai Tech facilitates Salesforce support, integration, software development process and consulting for our clients through internal and customer-facing applications that maintain a collaborative experience.

Salesforce Integration services provided by BugendaiTech

BugendaiTech’s Salesforce application development team ensures that our clients enjoy a perfectly-fitted solution and consulting, including Salesforce implementation, integration, and mobile app development services to maximize performance and management quality.

We can provide an extensive range of proven tools employing Salesforce products, such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, App Cloud, Heroku, Analytics Cloud, and Salesforce App Exchange. We can also customize existing systems and software or build custom applications and mobile app for seamless Salesforce implementation and development to enrich the user experience and offer Salesforce consulting services.

The key value of Salesforce Integration lies in the fact that a well-tailored custom application becomes a powerful tool for real-time performance and data analytics that consequently can improve the productivity of business processes and revenue growth. With expert development and Salesforce support services from Bugendai Tech, you receive all the benefits of smooth integration without extra complexities, so that you can concentrate on your core work competencies to deliver value to your customers.

  • Integration with appexchange packages
  • Salesforce to Salesforce connection
  • Salesforce1, Financialforce, Conga, Drawloop, Concur, Docusign, etc.
  • Google products, Marketo, Dropbox, etc.
  • Social networks and third party services
  • Payment processing services
  • Various libraries and applications available through appexchange
  • Custom web services
  • Integration with BA tools to perform data analysis and advanced analytics