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It’s the start of the year, and the Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes are now available. What better approach to learning new things than to spend time reading fresh release notes? So let’s take a short look at the Spring 22 Release Notes today.

The release highlights are as follows:


  • Marketing Cloud App and Setup

    • For several Marketing Cloud tenants, use a single identity provider
      • SSO logins can now be configured across different Marketing Cloud tenants using a single Identity Provider (IdP). This solution gives you a tenant-specific SP Entity ID value that you can use for each tenant while keeping your Marketing Cloud accounts on a single IdP. In the Security Settings section of the tenant’s Setup, enable the Use Tenant-Specific SP Entity ID setting.
    • All Marketing Cloud tenants now have Opt-In Enabled multi-factor authentication
      • For all relevant Marketing Cloud tenants created before the August 2020 release, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now enabled by default. Users will be prompted to register a verification method and receive MFA challenges as a result of this change. Users can temporarily ignore the invitation if they aren’t ready for MFA.
    • The File Locations REST API allows you to manage file locations and security credentials
      • To rotate and manage access keys such as Amazon S3 credentials and external SFTP usernames and passwords, use the new File Locations REST API. For file transfer, you can also create, manage, and remove file locations. File Locations are required for these API queries. READ and WRITE permissions in your Marketing Cloud account’s Installed Packages.
    • The Amazon S3 File Locations settings have been updated
      • Automation Studio’s Amazon S3 integration allows you to import and export encrypted and unencrypted files. The parameters for creating an Amazon S3 File Location now follow AWS naming rules. The field Region Name is now mandatory.
    • FTP Users Receive Email Notifications When Their Passwords Expire
      • FTP users will now receive automated password expiration email reminders, making it easier to remember to change their password. These notifications are still being sent to enterprise administrators.
    • Package Manager can be used to update deployed items
      • Update packaged assets, including journeys and content, during deployment, to easily manage versions and deliver upgrades across environments.
  • Marketing Cloud Data Management

    • Interaction Studio
      • Learn how to maintain your Interaction Studio dataset’s profiles. See New in Interaction Studio for Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio release notes previous to January 2022.
Marketing Cloud Einstein salesforce
  • Marketing Cloud Einstein

    • Using the Einstein Content Selection API, create a daily log report
      • You can now use an API to gain daily insights on individual subscriber asset selections and clicks if you track subscriber engagements in another system, such as an analytics tool.
    • Enhance Einstein Content Selection with Support for Multiple Asset Attribute Values and Multiple Criteria Support for Spotlight.
      • By providing numerous values to an asset’s attribute, you can reduce the need for data transformation. By restricting the options in an email’s Einstein Content Selection content block, you can now construct a more targeted campaign using the current Spotlight functionality.
    • For Einstein Content Tagging, use Nested Tagging
      • Nested, or hierarchical, tagging distinguishes Einstein-applied tags from self-managed tags and allows for more efficient editing and deletion of content tags. Einstein Content Tags are used in Content Builder and Einstein Content Selection.
    • Examine the New Einstein Email Engagement Scoring Model Card
      • The Einstein Email Engagement Scoring model card from Marketing Cloud shows how our AI model analyses messages and the factors it considers. The types of inputs the model employs, the optimal applications for the model, and ethical considerations in its use are all factors to consider.
    • Enhance your Einstein engagement scoring strategy with Momentum Analytics
      • The Einstein Email Engagement Scoring model card from Marketing Cloud shows how our AI model analyses messages and the factors it considers. The types of inputs the model employs, the optimal applications for the model, and ethical considerations in its use are all factors to consider.
    • In Slack, get Einstein Messaging Insights
      • The Einstein Messaging Insights Slack integration’s beta version displays notifications from Journey Builder messages. Open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates are among the statistics available on the Einstein Messaging Insights dashboard. Customers who have an active Slack workspace, send messages using Marketing Cloud Journey Builder and have Einstein Messaging Insights enabled can utilise it.
    • With Automation Studio, use Einstein Send Time Optimization
      • From Automation Studio, you can now leverage Einstein Send Time Optimization for bulk and batch emails. To enhance interaction, this function sends emails to your contacts at the optimal projected moment for each individual.
Marketing cloud connect
  • Marketing Cloud Cross-Cloud Integrations

    • Enhance Personalization Flow with Quick Send Enhancements
      • With the additions to Quick Send, you may be more confident in your audience choices. Account names and Company names are now appended to the Contact and Lead names, respectively. When you launch a Quick Send from a Case or Opportunity, the Object Id is now available in the Journey Entry Source. Use data from Cases and Opportunities to improve content personalisation, path planning, and more.
  • Marketing Cloud Journeys

    • Enable Android Deep Linking in Setup
      • Deep linking in Android now allows you to support the new App Link Verification procedure in Android 12 right from Setup. The asset link file can be hosted on the Marketing Cloud click domain servers. Subscribers on Android 12 can click a link that directly deep-links into the mobile application rather than to a mobile web page for a better user experience.
    • Generate JavaScript Web Tokens with AMPscript Functions
      • Users can now generate JavaScript Web Tokens (JWTs) in material resolved by Outbound Mail Manager (OMM) rendering engines using AMPscript functions. Users can use JWTs to securely share information and authenticate themselves. Messages and landing pages can both use these features.
    • Shared Items from the Email Form Response Capture Options are no longer available
      • When selecting “Use an existing data extension” for the Response Capture Method in the Email Form block, there was formerly a Share Items option that included Shared Data Extensions. This option has been deleted due to inconsistent behaviour between stacks, which resulted in rejected submissions. This update prevents circumstances where a user is unsure why their submissions are failing and are being written to the error log data extension.
    • Email Studio Classic Web Tools Are Retiring
      • Marketing Cloud is gradually removing Email Studio traditional Web Tools, such as landing pages and microsites, in future updates, as mentioned earlier this year.
    • Classic Editor CloudPages Migrated to Content Builder
      • Content Builder is used for migrating CloudPages generated with the old editor. Code Resources can now be produced in Content Builder’s code view.
    • Enjoy CloudPages Enhancements
      • We improved the user interface and experience of Marketing Cloud CloudPages with this release.
    • With MobilePush SDK, you’ll get more features and flexibility. Engagement SDK has been renamed
      • In a more extensible and flexible framework, the MobilePush SDK design includes tools for behavioural in-app messages and mobile-triggered journeys. For your app, you can mix and match the SDK capabilities from the MobilePush module, the CDP module, or both. The integration of the MobilePush and Salesforce CDP SDKs into a single set of universal methods simplifies the setup. MobilePush SDK has been renamed Engagement SDK to reflect support for MobilePush and Salesforce CDP.
    • With Mobile App Event Entry and Exit, you can orchestrate journeys based on user behaviour
      • Your mobile app is an important part of providing your customers with contextual, omnichannel experiences. Now you can simply organise trips based on real-time user activity by creating a direct link between your mobile app and Journey Builder.
    • Target Customers in Real-Time with Journey Builder Entries for Push Notification and In-App Message Engagement
      • When a contact opens a push notification or interacts with an in-app message, you can easily retarget them. The Push Message Engagement and In-App Message Engagement Entry Sources monitor messages for engagement and add contacts to a journey. These features make it simple to retarget contacts by monitoring the engagement of up to ten different messages.
    • With the Wait Until Activity for In-App Messages, you can engage customers in real-time
      • React in real-time if a contact interacts with an in-app message within a particular amount of time. The activity Wait Until In-App Message Engagement monitors engagement from a matching in-app message action. Maintain contacts in a waiting state in the trip until the appropriate message interaction happens. If the contact does not engage within the predetermined time range, you can send them along a different path.
    • With new status codes, you can learn more about your SMS sends
      • With four additional status codes, you can now get more information about your SMS sends. These codes provide the failure response set more specificity, allowing you to effectively address a failing call.
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