Six Features In Salesforce Marketing Cloud That Will Boost Personalization

Six Features In Salesforce Marketing Cloud That Will Boost Personalization

Six Features In Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A brand’s digital strategy must prioritize personalization, as recent years have demonstrated. 73% of customers expect businesses to comprehend their particular requirements and expectations, according to the most recent State of the Connected Customer Report.

Marketers must overcome three major challenges to achieve this need:

  1. Scaling up personalization across channels.
  2. Utilising owned data to efficiently power personalization.
  3. Coordinating corporate efforts to personalize consistently.

There is positive news, although the stakes and competitiveness are much higher now. Marketers now have access to superior technology and data, meaning more options exist to improve customer experiences. Learn more about benefits of salesforce sales cloud. 

In light of the preceding, let’s look at six features included in the most recent Marketing Cloud version that will enable you to tailor your marketing through data and artificial intelligence (AI).

1. Einstein: “What-If” analyzer with Einstein Engagement Frequency

Do you worry that your clients would become email-fatigued from receiving so many messages? On the Einstein Engagement Frequency dashboard, a new “What-If” analyzer tile predicts future emails’ effects on engagement. You’ll be helped by:

    • Avoid sending your subscribers too many emails to prevent email fatigue.
    • To understand how more messages will affect engagement over time, visually test various message frequency scenarios.
    • Calculate the number of emails you should send for your upcoming campaigns.

2. Engagement: Advanced Query Support for Intelligence Reports and Data Extensions

Advanced Query Support for Intelligence Reports and Data ExtensionsEnsuring you are speaking to the right audience is essential for marketers. To increase engagement and brand loyalty, you may use Data Extension Query Support to examine the effectiveness of your messaging about specific audience parameters that are maintained in Marketing Cloud’s Data Extensions. This new function allows you to

    • Connect up to 30 data extensions to your subscriber level and aggregate Marketing Cloud engagement data to enhance your query analysis.
    • To find additional optimization opportunities, run codeless queries utilizing audience attributes from Data Extensions.
    • Understanding your Data Extensions’ rows and structure with standalone querying.

3. Platform for Customer Data

Platform for Customer DataWith enhancements to Marketing Cloud’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can target consumers on their preferred channels and use richer customer information. In addition, you can improve personalization with the CDP’s new features by

    • Increasing the amount and range of data types that may be sent with Marketing Cloud engagement platforms.
    • Integrating data across the company from systems that are both marketing- and non-marketing-related.
    • Utilizing information from the Customer Data Platform to drive targeted mobile messaging by engaging Marketing Cloud contact points.

4. Personalized Campaign Messages: Triggered Messages

To help you reengage customers on their preferred channel, Triggered Campaign Messages combines the finest of Marketing Cloud Personalization with the potent outbound communication engine of Journey Builder. Deliver in real-time tailored, pertinent communications based on detailed, contextual client behavior to

  • Depending on a person’s activity, start an email, mobile app message, push notifications, following best action or offer, or an in-store experience.
  • Analyze visitors’ time on your site and the surrounding commercial environment.
  • Utilize sophisticated artificial intelligence and powerful real-time segmentation to identify and provide contextually appropriate experiences that motivate clients to act.

5. Conditional completion actions: Account Engagement

Marketers traditionally had to run numerous automation to segment prospects who interacted with marketing materials efficiently and on a large scale. Thanks to the new Conditional Completion Actions, marketers can manage this automation in one location. Increase personalization on your emails, forms, and other assets by only launching follow-up procedures if a prospect meets a specific set of requirements. Now, you can:

    • Suppress the addition of specific groups to lists, engagement programs, or auto-responder emails.
    • Simple prospect assignment to the appropriate user.
    • By further segmenting prospects at the moment where they interact with the material, Route creates more individualized trips.

6. Intelligence: Exports from databases

Intelligence: Exports from databasesEnterprise database software is becoming more and more popular with consumers. These databases serve as an information repository for all teams throughout the entire corporation. However, obtaining data from the marketing staff used to be a hassle. Teams are tasked with making marketing data more accessible across the company because it is frequently complex and somewhat segregated. With the new Database Exports capability, we are addressing this trend of database investment. Database Exports allows you to

    • Automate your organisation’s database import with the output of cleaned and synchronized marketing data.
    • Give other departments in your company access to marketing data for in-depth research and insights.
    • To create an audit-proof system of all company data, back up the Intelligence data you now have in your chosen database.
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