Social Media Analytics to Drive Business

Social Media Analytics to Drive Business

Whether you are a big brand or a small business hub, you can never neglect the importance of social media in your story of success. Hence, any business needs to keep a close eye on the advertisement campaigns on each of the platforms they put to get maximum revenue from the budget.

In this blog, we will understand the importance of social media analytics and how it plays a crucial role in driving a business.

Before we deep dive into it, the question arises!

What is social media analytics?


“Social media analytics is a methodology of collecting statistical data from various media platforms and withdrawing insights from the data for making business decisions for stakeholders”.

This is a good way to measure or visualise the sentiment of your clients towards your advertisements and ultimately for your services. The sources for collecting the data could not only be limited to the popular media channels like Facebook and Instagram but can also include various forums, blogs, and news portals.

Social media analytics can drive the business using the following ways :

Judge your marketing action plan

Performing the analytics on your marketing plan can help you evaluate it to measure the significance of the marketing campaigns. Creating content that can bring out quality traffic is a well-known strategy but amongst a lot of different campaigns, which is performing best can be crucial to find out. A business can take the help of marketing analytics in this situation.

Estimate the product popularity 

By using various techniques such as sentiment analysis and emotion classification which derive from data science, a business can evaluate and estimate their product’s popularity on data obtained from the analytics. It can help redesign and redevelop the product.

Identify the Trends

Seasonal sales and marketing is not a new thing but identifying minor weekly or daily trends in user behaviour can help the business magnify the smaller details for running campaigns in volatile and stagnant market conditions.

Google analytics is one of the top tools for performing social media analytics on your ad campaigns. It provides a variety of metrics that can generate a good amount of data for analytics to analyse the ad campaigns and optimise them in order maximise the success of a business.

That’s all from the overview of the importance of social media analytics for a business. Thanks for reading! 

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Social media analytics to drive business helps to find meaningful data from various social channels to support overall business decisions. Read Bugendai Tech’s official blog to find out more. 
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