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Now before getting into detailed view on Stack Overflow lets get a brief introduction  

Introduction to Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional developers and enthusiast programmers.It contains questions and answers on a wide range of topics in computer programming.And also contains solution to many  programming errors.It is also the Largest community for developers and programing enthusiasts to learn increase their knowledge and advance their careers.

Why we use stack overflow

There are many Question and Answer websites like Github BitBucket Code Ranch Code Project etc. But Why do programmers or developers prefer Stack Overflow.The reason is 

1.Stack Overflow is great because it’s not meant for lengthy questions.You give a Question and get the answers in a very short period of time which is not the case for other websites

2.Quality of Answers – Stack Overflow has several conditions for showing quality of answers.
1.Voting The voting mechanism helps users see what the community as a whole thinks of the different options presented and thus helps in finding the best solutions among them.
2.EditingIncorrect  responses can be corrected, such that user can  get  better answers

3.Cross Discipline audience–  Cross Discipline audience means suppose you ask a question on how to use mySql in java or how to use Jwt in React native then you might get a good response from a Mysql expert or a React native expert which is a great benefit compared to language specific forums.

Who can use Stack Overflow ?

Almost everyone who is into programming uses stack overflow from a beginner in programming to a developer everyone has to refer to stack overflow.

Stack overflow is the “All in one Solution” for every programming related queries and errors.

Companies Using Stack Overflow

1375 companies are currently using Stack Overflow in their Tech Stacks namely

1.Alibaba Travels




And many more……..

Stack Overflow Privileges

Privileges are what you can do in Stack Overflow in easy terms what features can you access from Stack Overflow.

How are Privileges Decided ?

  1. Reputation Points – Reputation points are the rough measurement of how much the community trusts you. The more reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain and the more tools you’ll have access to on the site at the highest privilege levels, you’ll have access to many of the same tools available to the site moderators

How are Reputation points earned ?

The primary way to gain reputation is by posting good questions and useful answers. Votes on these posts helps you to gain reputation points a Vote up on question reward you +10 points a vote up on answer also reward you +10

To know more about points click here

Badges – Badges are little bits of digital flair that you earn for almost every kind of activity on Stack Overflow in simple terms Badges are awarded to users in recognition of their contributions to the community. There are Three ranks of Badges

1.BronzeBronze badges are relatively easy to get, and often help teach users how to  use the system.

2.SilverSilver badges are more difficult to earn, and can be gained for things like posting extremely insightful questions and answers, as well as a dedication to moderation and improvement of site content.

3.Gold Gold badges are the most difficult to earn, and generally signify outstanding dedication or achievement.

To know detailed information click here

Pro’s and Con’s of Stack Overflow


1.Helps to find Jobs – Do you Know?? Stack Overflow also has Job Listings in it People can go on the job menu and apply on the listed jobs.

2.Questions answered quickly – Once a Question is answered within a short period of time user’s get replied

3.No annoying ads – Ads are very annoying in websites Stack Overflow has No ads popup in websites compared to other websites.

4.Efficient answers – Answers to questions are very professional and efficient. As they are answered by expert community members.


1.Many People don’t get help – Every Questions Asked in Stack Overflow does not get a good reply or answer so it is not helpful for everybody.

2. Not Helpful for new joinees – Stack Overflow doesn’t do a lot for new users like “How to ask a question” guides. So if a new user asks a question in an inappropriate manner he gets down votes which may de-motivate the user. On top of that Stack Overflow has a “First Post” review queue. Questions from new people should have to pass through that first before being open to the general public.

3. Reputation Points method – To Access full site capabilities this points are essential which also need huge effort to be earned which means that only those who have spent considerable amount of time understanding the community and those who are knowledgeable are only able to do those in the site.

4.Duplicate Questions :- Almost a lot of the same questions are being posted so it makes it very hard sometimes to go through them and check.The site should work on this thing from my point of view.

Conclusion:- From this blog we have gained a lot of knowledge regarding Stack Overflow.No matter whatever are the pro’s and con’s of it Stack Overflow will continue to become the best solution to any Programming errors for Developer’s and Upcoming Programmers.

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July 27, 2021

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