Superbadges in Salesforce

Superbadges in Salesforce

Let’s know superbadges in simple words

Superbadges are the way to put up the skills which you have learned (in the trailhead modules) and apply them to solve the problems of the complex real world. It is not just a module with a hands-on challenge but a real salesforce world where you need to build your solutions for a given challenge. Superbadges are aimed to show up the skills that you have learned through the trailhead modules or the scenario that you can see in your workplace.

Superbadges in Salesforce

How to get Superbadges?

  • To get a superbadges you need to complete 4 modules.
  • Those modules provide the materials that will be tested during the superbadge.
  • Upon completion of these four modules, the superbadge will unlock and you can start.
  • A list of instructions will be provided on how to complete the superbadge as well as necessary business information.
  • Step by step instructions will not be given to complete the superbadge as in the other modules.
  • Rather, a business scenario or an issue will be given to solve and you must understand detailed information to earn the superbadge.
  • Depending on the topic, superbadges take almost 8 – 14 hours to complete.

Why are Superbadges necessary?

You just got to know what superbadges are and how to earn them. So now you might be thinking why do I need superbadges? Are they really necessary or is it worth the time? My answer would be “YES” These badges can act as a precursor for hiring managers to understand your level of understanding and knowledge, and also your skillset. Superbadges can be easily added to LinkedIn or you can include them on your resume as a skill-boosting shot over other candidates.

Superbadges in Salesforce

Besides the benefit of hiring perspective, superbages are also needed for the Platform Developer II exam. Finally,in brief, I would say Superbadges are a key to boosting up your career in Salesforce where you can show up your skills and the true understanding of salesforce knowledge.

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