Dynamic Lists: The Pardot Admin’s Secret weapon

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Dynamic lists are “smart” lists that automatically add or eliminate possibilities dependent on the models you set up. They are anything but difficult to set up and they maintain themselves, which settles on them an extraordinary decision for building records around data that changes regularly.

Pardot dynamic lists are an amazingly valuable auotmation tool that all Pardot clients can get the advantage of. To put it plainly, they consequently portion your possibilities, in view of coordinating a bunch of rule-based models.

Some features of dynamic list

  • Easily create targeted and personalised lists of prospects tailored to specific criteria (send the right emails to the right recipients)
  • Prospects are added and removed from Dynamic Lists automatically
  • Example: Recipient lists or suppression lists for a regular email communication, e.g. monthly newsletter
  • Can be used as Public Lists in Email Preference Centers to ensure that only certain prospects see specific preference options
  • Fantastic for reporting!
Dynamic list rules


Dynamic records are most useful when you are making a rundown dependent on possibility information that will change regularly — you need a rundown where possibilities can be added or eliminated frequently. For instance, you could construct an enrollment rundown of current individuals from your association. In the event that somebody neglects to reestablish their enrollment and you mark the participation change in a field in their Pardot record (either physically or through a CRM sync) Pardot will perceive that worth changed and eliminate the possibility from the dynamic enrollment list.

  • Each rundown you make shouldn’t be dynamic. At times you need to construct a rundown where possibilities are added to the rundown yet there is no motivation to eliminate them. For instance, making a rundown of all possibilities who complete your Contact Us structure. This kind of rundown can be made through a robotization rule where possibilities who complete the structure will coordinate the standard once and be added to the rundown
  • Dynamic lists will just incorporate possibilities who meet the list criteria
  • You can utilize dynamic lists as a recipient list to send possibilities mass messages or trickle promoting program messages
  • If a prospect no longer meets the dynamic list criteria then they will be removed from the dynamic list
  • The possibility will likewise be taken out from any drip programs utilizing the dynamic list as a recipient list

One normal illustration of utilizing a dynamic list is for sending a engagement email based off your prospects interests. In the event that a prospect downloads a white paper on your website, you might need to add them to an email arrangement that gives them more significant substance.

Believe dynamic lists to be an amazing segment in your promoting automation tool kit. The force of dynamic list is to portion your information database continuously to make convincing email campaigns that is explicitly customized to your prospect’s ideas.

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Dynamic Lists: The Pardot Admin’s Secret weapon
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January 18, 2021

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