The Role of AI in Cyber Security

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Artificial intelligence techniques can be used to learn how to remove noise or unnecessary data and enable security professionals to understand the cyber environment in order to find unusual activity.

AI can also gain cyber security with automated strategies to generate whenever cyber threats are detected. Artificial Intelligence is able to analyze a large amount of data and allow the creation of existing programs and software in the right way to reduce cyber attacks.

Similarly, the implementation of AI with cyber security solutions will help protect organizations from existing cyber threats and identify new types of malware.

In addition, AI-based cyber security systems can provide effective security levels and help develop better security and recovery strategies.

Alternatively, the use of AI for cyber security helps to create a dynamic, real-time authentication framework, that changes location or network access rights.

Some AI Adopters

AI has already been adopted to strengthen the security infrastructure of organizations. There are many real examples where AI-enabled solutions greatly improve cyber security.

Soon, AI-enabled systems will become an integral part of cyber security solutions. It will also be used by criminal justice agents to harm organizations. This will leave AI using automated programs that could be at high risk. Like any other cyber security solution, AI is not 100% complete proof. It is a two-edged sword capable of reducing cyber attacks and performing normal day-to-day operations, but it is a blessing in disguise. The automation wave will take over the day-to-day operations while the same technology will increase the chances of human error and negligence.

Google: Gmail has used electronic learning techniques to filter emails since it was launched 18 years ago. Today, there are applications for machine learning in almost all of its services, especially in-depth learning, allowing algorithms to perform more independent adjustments and controls as they train and evolve.

IBM / Watson: The IBM team has relied heavily on its Watson study platform for “information integration” and threat detection based on machine learning.

Will AI replace human beings?

The most important thing to keep in mind about cyber security is that one should be aware of 24 × 7. While previously this was done manually by teams of experts, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Learning Equipment makes the workload more flexible. The level of error by machines is small, while the speed is high, which allows people to focus on cognitive activities instead.

The use of AI thus reduces the workload and dependency. AI-ML algorithms can detect and track more than 10,000 emails to steal sensitive information. Naturally, even for a group of people, doing this work is time-consuming, time-consuming, and even impossible. In such cases AI has proven to be a liability for cyber security by reducing human involvement and effectively preventing criminal attacks from stealing sensitive information.


In recent years, AI has emerged as a necessary technology to enhance the efforts of information security teams. As people can no longer measure to adequately protect the location of dynamic business attacks, AI provides the necessary analysis and threatening identification that can be done by cyber security personnel to reduce risk breaches and improve security. For security, AI can detect and prioritize, quickly detect any malware in the network, direct response to events, and detect intrusion before it starts.

AI allows cyber security teams to build strong human-machine partnerships that push the boundaries of our knowledge, enrich our lives, and drive cyber security in a way that seems larger than the sum of its components.

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