Top 5 Salesforce Features for non-profits

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The  Success Pack of NPSP (Nonprofit Starter Pack) could also be a group of managed packages advanced and maintained by and created for the gratis via the Salesforce AppExchange. It permits non-commercials to manage some common nonprofit business processes. will facilitate nonprofits to stay the track of the individuals they work with, and everybody the work they’re doing with them. will be A centralized contact list of all the individuals and organizations you’re employed with. The place for prospecting and following donations, grants, memberships, and volunteering. Today, quite 20,000 organizations use Salesforce for his or her CRM resolution – an enormous jump since 2008, once the inspiration provided a package to 5,000 organizations.

Nonprofit Success Pack

The first step to get into the salesforce non-profit you have to sign up for a free 30-day trial on your website during the process of signing up you can indicate that you want a trial of nbsp(Nonprofit Success Pack) after that you should apply for the power bus program again through the website it’s easy you just have to provide information about your organization and authentication of your nonprofit status once you’re accepted into the program your free trial org will become your organization’s official salesforce org which will involve your Ten donated license.

Here are the top 5 Salesforce functionalities and features which will help your non-profit organization to manage efficiently.

  • Donation and Grant Management:

In the case of non-profit organizations Donation and Grants is a top priority. So salesforce came with a flexible, community-driven grantmaking solution that is built off of the world’s 1st CRM and evolves with you as your funding of programs grows.No matter the size and scope of the funding scheme, with Salesforce Grants Management software, organizations connect programs, sub-initiatives, and respective grants to understand how they’re driving the philanthropic mission forward. With access to the same data, grants and program managers alike can view funding requests, grant stages, funds disbursed, and remaining balances and keep grants moving through the funding lifecycle. The salesforce  NPSP helps you with track donations and manage can maintain recurring donations and pledges also. Salesforce nonprofit donations and grant management tools provide detailed reports for monitoring information and analysis.

  • Donor Management:

The salesforce NPSP also provides donor management or constituent management tool this gives you the ability to track donors and everything that goes alongside the salesforce, we use contact records to track the donors this is any kind of donor will go under the contact record the ultimate goal with this is to track everything that has to do with this 

Donor Management

donor so their birthday, phone number their different email addresses if there’s a description and their physical address is and their Donation totals. if there are memberships involved you can actually tie in the membership information you can also view their relationships and organization affiliations.

  • plan future calls, follow-ups, and donor engagement Management:

Engaging with your constituents is one of the key features of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. This is especially handy for donor acquisition, for your team to stay on the same page, be more productive, not miss any opportunities for engaging with possible new donors, and not losing current ones. This also helps us to track the onboarding & engagement of volunteers.

  • manage volunteers :

Most non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to help them achieve their goals but recruiting volunteers for all of  your needs and knowing what your volunteers have done for you.
In the past can be challenging for many organizations salesforce can help you automate these time-consuming

Manage Volunteer

processes so you can better track jobs and volunteers, enable sign-ups and analyze and report on the success of your volunteer’s program. You can arrange their hours based on availability and skills, assign and switch shifts, and automate ongoing standard processes like sending out auto emails for invitations, cancellations.

Campaign Management:

A salesforce campaign collects a set of people who we want to engage and track. Maybe we want to send an invitation to an event, mail a fundraising appeal, or organize volunteer recruitment for our nonprofit. Campaigns come with built-in statistics that help us understand how successful our efforts are to engage people and raise money, without having to do a lot of extra reporting. Using NPSP nonprofits you can also create Deduplicated Mailing Lists from a Campaign and Campaigns can be carried within or outside Salesforce based on the nature of the campaign.

Apart from these 5 Features the NPSP also provides full access to non-profit data in the salesforce mobile application. And you also get 100 seeded reports that you’ll find useful to track Donors and giving, Grants, Memberships, campaigns, and more.

On the whole, the solutions of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud indeed provide the required technology for solving many problems of non-profit organizations.

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TOP 5 Salesforce functionalities and features which will help your non-profit organization to manage efficiently. Check our blog for more details on the features like: Donation and Grant Management, Donor Management, donor engagement Management, manage volunteers, Campaign Management
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