UK House’s Creative and Digital Technologies Business program

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UK House’s Creative and Digital Technologies Business program

JOIN US | Date August 3, 2022

On August 3, 2022, in Birmingham, UK, representatives of Bugendaitech attended an event that was a part of the UK House’s Creative and Digital Technologies Business programme. Bugendaitech was introduced to this carnival through NASSCOM and DIT UK.

London is promoted as a worldwide city by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). They put a lot of effort into introducing their members to fresh chances for business, investment, and partnerships in London and abroad.

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the city’s leading center for business. They provide a variety of services to support members’ operations, represent London’s business community in the most significant policy debates, and promote “Global London” as the best city in the world for doing business, whether it be to trade, invest, learn, or find new business partners. By offering helpful support, establishing new business connections, and utilizing their network to create more shared wealth for London, they seek to accelerate the growth of the members.

The Bugendaitech members were extremely excited to participate in this event and meet new people. In addition to thought leaders meeting with companies and organizations that could speed up innovation, the event included learning about the most recent developments in the creative and digital technology industries.

As a part of the government’s Commonwealth Games Business & Tourism Programme, the Department for International Trade (DIT) staged this enormous event in the UK. 

The Department for International Trade is an agency of the British government charged with negotiating and extending trade agreements with other nations as well as promoting export and foreign investment. The Department for International Trade (DIT) promotes free trade, promotes inward and outward investment, assists firms with exporting, and negotiates market access and trade agreements.

The event conquered some hot buzz topics in business. While, The West Midlands, the UK, and India were also major topics of the event, they mainly highlighted Business prospects, opportunities, and problems in artificial intelligence and cyberspace. It also introduced the  significance of next-generation technologies for brands and businesses, such as the metaverse, web 3.0, blockchain, and 5G.

When asked about the event’s major highlights, the members admitted that they were delighted they had attended the event. Not only did they pick up new skills and make real connections, but they also had a huge chance to broaden their network internationally, which could be very advantageous for business and commerce. They said, It was an absolute honor to be part of the Commonwealth Business Hub at #UKHouse Birmingham, organized by #DIT. It was a perfect day to learn about Cyber, AI, Metaverse, VR/AR. Most companies focused on how Metaverse will be the future and would inculcate almost every sector and technology.”

Moving Ahead event also put a focus on how companies may use metaverse technology in the future, as well as on its advantages and growth potential. It was exciting to see businesses wanting to use Metaverse to implement rehabilitation sessions for neuropsychologically handicapped people and that the technology can help those people acquire necessary skills like grocery shopping and culinary games.

A fun fact here was that the first physical augmented reality esports game, “Hado,” was also demonstrated to the audience, which appeared to be very exciting. The event had frequent intervals after boosting engaging pieces of information. Our leaders unraveled, “We had the chance to meet with various business leaders and think tanks during network breaks that followed regular intervals. It was intriguing to discover their secret to success and share Bugendaitech with them.”

Overall, it was an overwhelming experience for the members to present their ideas at such a fascinating event, network with top UK company executives, and collect many invaluable insights that will help them conquer and grow significantly.

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Event Sponsors: BugendaiTech & NASSCOM and DIT UK