Unable to Sign In To Pardot: Salesforce SSO Now Required

As Salesforce proceeds to carry out Pardot SSO across all records, numerous Pardot clients are currently being welcomed with the accompanying mistake message when attempting to login to Pardot.


Can’t Sign In To Pardot: Salesforce SSO Now Required

Back in June 2020, Salesforce reported they were ceasing Pardot-Only Users and moving to SSO. Starting on February 15, 2021, and corresponding with the Spring ’21 delivery, Pardot’s client confirmation framework has been stopped and all clients will be needed to utilize Salesforce single sign-on (SSO). All Pardot clients not empowered with Salesforce SSO by Spring ’21 will lose the capacity to sign into Pardot until they are associated with a Salesforce client. This influences your clients with Pardot-just access, that utilizes the Pardot API, just as the Pardot WordPress module.

How To Fix It – Get Back Into Pardot

  1. Distinguish Pardot just clients 
  2. Guide each Pardot client to the comparing Salesforce client 
  3. Distinguish clients that don’t have a Salesforce client record and make a record for them. 
  4. Distinguish clients that are attached to API incorporation. Put to the side briefly. These clients should be overseen in an unexpected way. 
  5. Update API clients to be SSO agreeable (stages 3-5) and update API Integrations to utilize SSO clients 
  6. Empower SSO for those clients. 
  7. Affirm clients can get to Pardot through their Salesforce qualifications
  8. Empower Salesforce User Sync 

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