What are the benefits of having a CRM system/platform? And what are they types of CRM softwares?

Maintaining a good relation with customers through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an important and essential step on the way to success for any organization, and hardly one can find an example of a successful business that doesn’t maintain a strong relationship with its customers – it doesn’t even sound logical. So having a CRM system/platform will surely help your business to succeed and achieve its potentials, and it is easier to understand why when you look at some of its benefits:

benefits of CRM Software that every user can expect

  • Trustworthy Analysis of Data and Reporting: a CRM system gives you the tool and capacity to easily clean, collate, tabulate, and organize data about your business, customers, stakeholders, potential leads…etc. that is derived from different sources, in addition to easily reporting this data and running different reports that summarizes and represents data you’re interested in.
  • Setting Up Dashboards: a CRM platform allows you to create customized dashboards that automatically gets updated based on changes in data, so you can easily get a snapshot about the numbers you are interested to know without actually wasting time and efforts to manually create and update new dashboards along the way
  • Automated Personalized Outreach: by having the ability to group people with same interests in categories together and type up communications for each category that specifically addess its needs and with a simple triggering action, these communications get automatically sent out, each set for the right category/group
  • Helps Your Organization’s Team to Offer Proactive Service: with all the relative and important information easily accessible by the relevant team members, different teams can effectively and efficiently get their work done and reach out to customers/beneficiaries in a more precise and to the point way.
  • Efficiency Enhanced with Automation: as there are some of the operations and procedures/flows that get done day after day and consumes time and efforts from different teams can be automated, a CRM platform that offers automation of these processes will bring great efficiency.
  • Stimulating Collaboration: some of the CRM systems/platforms – if not most of them – are cloud-based with built-in tools for communications among teammates, which gives the space for teammates to collaborate more frequently and efficiently.

But are there different types of CRM software? What are they? What are the differences between them? Yes, there are three main types of CRM software and two other types which could be included under the main types, yet it’s good to highlight them as they focus on important aspects. And these type are as follows:

Three Main Types:

types of CRM software
  • Operational CRM Software: which allows for better management of the relationship with customers by teams like marketing teams, sales teams…etc. based on the data your organization collects, and this through automation, organizing data, and allowing teams to collaborate
    Analytical CRM Software: which is the kind of software used to analyze and visualize the data about customers giving better and relevant insights for relevant teams.
    Collaborative CRM Software: which focuses on giving the teams in an organization the space they need to better handle cases and collaborate together on working on cases to close them effectively and efficiently

Other Two Types:

  • Strategic CRM Software: which focuses mainly on customers, not only allowing for better management of the relationship with them but also it allows to customize the way the organization interacts with them in the long run.
  • Campaign Management CRM Software: which provides insights and allow for better management of relationship with customers, but the focus is on short run campaigns like promoting or selling a specific product with specific amounts.

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