What are "Vue" and "React"

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In Various Web Applications both Vue and React offer a very productive approach to developers. 

But each has its diverse advantages and Uses let’s have a look.

What is React?

React is a library That uses elements to create interfaces, whereas Reactjs is an open-source javascript library to build web applications with rich (highly interactive, highly stylized) user interfaces.

Which is often mentioned as React or Reactjs.

It offers the flexibility to create custom components that are  reusable, with the ability to allow quick rendering of web pages makes it more SEO friendly.

React/Reactjs uses such cases as Web Apps, Video Streaming Platform, and Mobile Apps which are already used by Bugendaitech for multiple projects.

What is Vue?

On the other hand, Vue is a very lightweight and JavaScript-based framework that provides advanced web tools to develop modernistic front-end web apps.

it offers to extend the functionalities of the web app with customized modules and visual components. 

It is mainly used in Progressive web apps, Single-page apps, Small project applications, etc.

Pros and Cons of React

  • React saves a lot of time by refreshing the UI for updating the Data Automatically.
  • It is Well organized to increase the better code readability.
  • Reusability of components and high performance (Faster response time).
  • It requires a continuous update for all the versions.
  • It increases the complexity of code because of the JSX syntax used by React.
  • React only focuses on view so for Routing, API’S and all so you have to use additional platforms.

Pros and Cons of Vue

  • Whenever the Vue gets the latest version it becomes lighter and faster.
  • Vue offers a set of add-on API features with function-based.
  • By default, it is easier to update the process in Vue.
  • The two-way binding comes in handy in creating and sync components across the application.
  • It has some issues with IOS and Safari.
  • Flexibility is excellent, but not always!.


In Some Cases, both Vue & React share some similarities :

  • Utilize a Virtual dom (A lightweight copy of a DOM)
  •  It provides reactive and composable view components(provides ready-to-use Composition API components based on Typescript).
  • Maintaining core libraries such as routing and global state management.
  • Component-Based UI development.
  • Open Source.


Both Vue and React are the Best in case of Building the best User Interfaces.

To Choose the right one for your Next Project you have to go through multiple factors for example Vue is gracious to write in,  lightweight and helps in single page application with easy-to-learn as well.

Whereas react helps you to play around with libraries, tools, their ecosystem, and you can make video stream platforms, etc.

Although the developer’s choice would be “React” at first even the “Vue” gives the clarity in results.

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What are "Vue" and "React"
What are "Vue" and "React"? What are the differences between the two? What are the advantages of the two?
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June 17, 2021

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