What is Flow Builder in Salesforce?

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Flow is a mechanization instrument given by Salesforce that can be utilized to perform different tasks like Sending an Email, Posting a Chatter, Sending custom Notifications, and so on. Flow is the most impressive computerization instrument given by Salesforce. It tends to be a trigger for record supplement, update and record erase and it may be pursued for both and before occasions.

From the quick find box type flow and go to flow click new it will be showing you the below screen from which select anyone from the lis


Screen Flow:

Guides us through a business process that’s launched from lightning pages, Experience cloud sites, quick action, and more.

Schedule Triggered Flow:

Launch at a specific time and frequency for each record in a batch. This auto launched flow runs in the background. 

Auto launched Flow(no trigger):

Launches when invoked by Apex, Rest API, and more. This auto launched flow runs in the background. 

Record-Triggered Flow:

Launches When a record is created, updated, and deleted. This auto launched flow runs in the background. 

Select anyone from the list and click the next button. 

How do you want to start Building | Freeform | Auto-Layout

Select any one of the following.

It takes you to the flow builder on the left there is a toolbar in which Element and Manager.

Element: Where you can drag and drop the required field you want to the right side of the screen. 


Screen, Action, Subflow.


Assignment, Decision, Loop, and Collection sort.


Create records, update records, delete records, get records.  

Manager: Where will create a New Resource as per requirement.

On the top left side, we are having run, debug, save, save as and activate the flow.

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Salesforce has come up with the best and most impressive automated instrument - A flow builder that can perform various tasks like sending emails, notifications, etc. Want to know everything about flow builder check at our post.
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