What is social studio in Marketing Cloud?

Social studio in marketing cloud

What is social studio in Marketing Cloud?

What is Social Studio?

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Social Studio is a product that provides social media marketing solutions. Social media enables your marketing, sales, and service teams to build meaningful relationships with your customers through social channels. It is like the digital marketing era in (salesforce) i.e. Marketing cloud. It is helpful to create, manage, schedule, and monitor posts, It also offers a real-time publishing and engagement platform for content creators.

How is Social Studio helpful?

  • Social Studio has the ability to create and configure workspaces and allows teams to be organized quickly by region, whether they are around the world, in another country, or right down the street.
  •  You can organize workspaces by brand or by business function Workspaces can be used to create campaigns, publish content, and promote collaboration.
  • Using a workspace calendar you can preview and manage past and future content planning and scheduling using its advanced tools.
  • Integrating with Social.com Ad campaigns you can create and manage the facebook ad with Social Studio.
  • Creators can set Approval rules before the ad goes live to protect its integrity and correctness.
  • It helps to engage and respond to your social audience and also automate the actions and processes to classify, report, and route content using Macros.
  • It also measure the performance of content in form of analytics 

Which are the components of Social Studio?

The three major areas of Marketing Cloud Social Studio interfaces are the workspace tab, performance tab and page Assist which are used to create content, to trace performance reports, and also provide context-sensitive help on what they are doing in real-time.

These are the primary components of the social studio-

    • Admin:

 You can manage administrative functions like user, topic profile, social account, macro, and user management and also manage settings for your organisation.

    • Publish:

It helps you create and publish contents, at scale, across channels, and in near real-time.

    • Engage:

The Engage tool allows Community Managers to moderate and participate in conversations started by content published using Publish.We can use classification and workflow controls for more complex use cases, such as Social Customer Service and lead generation.

    • Analyse

 It helps to monitor multiple social accounts and topic profiles, monitor discussions from owned social accounts and broader social news. We can also create custom dashboards that can be printed as a PDF for hardcopy records and sharing.

    • Einstein

It automates the process of classifying incoming images using artificial intelligence. Einstein can classify images based on food, logos, scenes, and objects. Your brand can gain deeper insights from the data returned about what is important and being discussed.  

Social Media platforms that support Social Studio :

Salesforce support to the all popular social media channels like:

    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Sina Weibo
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Instagram Business
    • Google My Business

Social Studio in marketing cloud

But,Why is Salesforce no longer selling Social Studio licences?

It has been officially announced that Social Studio, the Salesforce platform’s social media scheduling tool, will be retiring in 2024. Yes, You heard correct.Salesforce stopped selling the Social Studio licences from January 31,2022 and no product renewal from August 1,2022 but you will have access until its retiring date as per your contract.

But the good news is that salesforce is already working for the new feature that will replace Social Studio with the help of a third-party social platform.

Any alternative available until its new feature?

There are a few alternatives to Social Studio that you can implement before the service is completely retired, depending on your company size, industry, and goals. Consider a few alternatives to Social Studio before choosing one. So that your work will not be affected after its retirement.

Here are some options:

      • Sprout Social
      • Social Pilot
      • Hootsuite
      • Khoros
      • Sprinklr

Is Salesforce partnered with any social platform?

Yes. Salesforce recently announced a partnership with Social Sprout for creating integration between them. According to the recent release, the integration connects Sprout to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Slack. The interesting part of this partnership is that they are supporting the same functionality as available in Social studio. Salesforce has already integrated Sprout Social with their org, so you can get started right away. By integrating Sales Cloud with Service Cloud, you can create leads and respond to or create cases just like you did with Social Studio.


Salesforce Studio connects Sales, Service, and Marketing Teams to Customers via Social Media Channels, so they can build meaningful relationships with them. The Salesforce Studio Reporting functionality can allow you to analyze the sentiment of your customers and prospects, to see and track where your customers are conversing with each other, and to investigate what they are saying about your business.

Although it is saying ‘Sayonara’ to the marketing cloud, everyone is waiting for a better version of Social studio to make their marketing process convenient. The old user of Social studio are now uncertain so they are in search of an alternative i.e. Social Sprout. Let’s see how it will go with the course of time. Social Sprout now a hot topic for digital marketing in Salesforce. It will be interesting to track its progress and functionality. Let’s wait and see!

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Social Studio in marketing cloud is a product that enables marketing, sales, and service teams to build relationships with customers through social channels.
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