What Makes WordPress Unique?

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One of the powerful CMS (Content Management System) in the world is “WordPress”. WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) that’s supported by PHP and MySQL. It was released on 27, May 2003, by its founders Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. The name WordPress was suggested by a follower of Matt Mullenweg, Christine Selleck Tremoulet. It was designed for developing websites, blogs, resumes, portfolios.

Reasons to use WordPress:

  • Creating a website without programming skill:

    • Anyone can create their own website on this with no programming or designing skills. Million of users on WordPress, most of them are neither designers or programmers. To form a website on WordPress, you simply need an online connection and a browser and you’ll create a site on an area machine. 
  • Provide a large number of themes:

    • It gives thousands types of template options to give any type of feel and look to a website. They are very easy to customize as they come with their own options panel which allows users to select colors, backgrounds, sliders, fonts, logos, and much more. WordPress themes are easy to customize because WordPress provides options panels that allow you to change colors, upload logos, change the background, create beautiful sliders, and customize it to your needs Without writing any code at all, users can add custom functionality to the WordPress site by using plugins. WordPress plugins are like apps for your website that users add advanced features like analytics, contact forms, membership area, and more. 
    • WordPress provides options like install plugins both free and premium types of plugins. Users can install any type of plugins and design their websites. These plugins have extra functionalities and give a whole new platform to a website. It allows a user to add photo galleries, forms, sliders, mails service, shopping carts, and much more.
  • Free and open-source:

    • WordPress is a free and open-source content management system software. It’s easy to install and use it. Users can easily create an internet site absolutely free.  
    • A Domain name is the address of your website on the web. 
  • East to update and manage:

    • For security reasons WordPress updating your software is very important like other CMS, WordPress provides better updating options and its themes and plugins are updated with one click of a mouse.
    • WordPress provides you with the most effective resources that may facilitate your management of your WordPress website effectively.
  • WordPress is reliable:

    • According to the result, 35.39% of all websites are powered by WordPress, compared with Joomla 1.7% and Drupal 2.88%. This is often the ability and reliability of WordPress. 

WordPress is developed on the most effective platform that uses technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript, which meets the strict International coding standards set by the W3C.

  • Supports media types:

    • WordPress supports many types of media types like Images, Documents, Audio, Video. 
    • WordPress never tells you that a file is not supported. You can upload many files like .jpg, .png, .gif .pdf, .doc, .pptx, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .mov, .wmv , and .avi.
  • WordPress is SEO-Friendly : 

    • WordPress is written in high-quality code and produces semantic markup. It means Google and other search engines love WordPress. This is why WordPress sites rank on top of others in search engines. you’ll be able to also use WordPress SEO plugins to further optimize your website.
  • WordPress provide security:

    • WordPress is developed for security purposes, and it is considered a very safe and secure platform to run a website. 
    • To protect your WordPress site, there are a few simple things that you can do to make it even more secure like Sucuri on our websites to protect against common threats such as force attacks and malware.
  • WordPress is mobile-friendly:

    • WordPress also helps to create a mobile-friendly website. A website needs sometimes responsive small screens like tablets, smartphones to reach all its users. WordPress provides mobile-friendly themes and plugins.

In conclusion, WordPress is hence one of the most sought after CMS in the market today.

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April 1, 2021

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