When to select Salesforce Professional or Enterprise Edition?

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Salesforce Professional or Enterprise Edition

Salesforce offers multiple editions with different functionalities catering to the business requirements of users. Choosing the right edition which fits the requirement mould perfectly is vital.  Here, our primary focus would be comparing the two editions: Salesforce Professional and Enterprise Edition.

Salesforce Professional Edition:

This edition is designed for small and growing businesses which require all purpose CRM functionality.  It is still simple to use, yet provides some customization, integrations, and administrative features but without the flexibility of more advanced editions. We can get all this for 75$. Hence, having knowledge of salesforce becomes critical for us to use this edition at its full potential.

Key Features:

Some of the features of Professional edition includes getting leads into Salesforce directly from website forms, lead scoring with formula fields, 360-degree view of customer Accounts, working with Opportunities, the Sales Console, chatter collaboration, customization, the Opportunity Kanban, marketing with Campaigns, automating with the Process Builder, creating customized Reports, AppExchange, Salesforce1 mobile app and more.

Salesforce Enterprise Edition

This edition is designed for the needs of large and complex businesses which are rapidly expanding. In addition to the Professional Edition functionalities, it gives us advanced customization and administration tools. We get all the wise range of flexible solutions and capabilities for a reasonable price of $150 per month.

Key Features:

Territory Management, Salesforce APIs, Workflows & Approvals, Sales Console App, Advanced Report Types and workflows, business process automation, Case tracking, Unlimited profiles and roles per org, Unlimited processes and flows per org, Lead Registration, and more. Both, professional and enterprise editions have the following limit and functionality differences respectively:

Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Validation Rules 20 100
Custom Apps 255 260
Custom Objects 50 200
Custom Fields per Object 100 500
Custom Labels 5000 5000
Custom Profiles 2 1500
Lightning Apps  10 25
Custom Tabs 10 25
Permission Sets 10 1000
Email Send in a Single mass Email 250 500
Custom Report Types 50 200
Schedules Reports per Month/8 days 93 200
Developer Sandboxes 10 25
Joined Reports Availability  No Yes
Dynamic Dashboard Availability No 5
Advanced Workflow Automation No Yes
Cross Filter Functionality  No Yes

Furthermore, there is no ability to mass Grant Login Access to a System Administrator in Professional Edition. Similarly speaking of data export, Enterprise edition provides us monthly  automatic export while it’s weekly for Professional.

Month 1 Month 2 Month 4 Month 6 Month 9 Month 12 Month 15 Total($)
Professional License cost (6) 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 7000
Professional Route Development cost 5000 2000 5000 12000
Zapier cost 3000 5000 5000 7000 7000 12000 15000 54000
Enterprise License (6) 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 14000
Enterprise Route Development Cost 8000 1500 1500 11000
Zapier cost 0 0 0 0 0 0

The above table helps us to know the development roadmap for both the editions. By just having a glance at it, Professional Edition seems like a good deal, however let’s take a look at the zapier cost.  Since we can’t perform development directly in Professional Edition we have to rely heavily on online automation tools. Due to this our zapier cost rises exponentially with each and every integration we perform. Enterprise Edition comes to our rescue with a slightly high price point. It enables us to develop custom solutions at a one time development cost.

API consideration to keep in mind while choosing our edition :

Tool Monthly cost considering 6 people use
Lead Capture: Einstein activity capture or Salesforce Inbox 500
Lead Import: PipeDrive 1000
Google calendar 500
Zoom recordings 1000
LinkedIn Sales Navigator 500
Marketing: Sendgrid 1000
Docusign 1000
BuzzSumo 500
NetSuite 600
Workday Adaptive Insight 1000
Lead enhancement (Zoom.info?) 1000

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When to select Salesforce Professional or Enterprise Edition?
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