Why You Should Consider React Native for Your Mobile App!

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React native for mobile

-Do you know Mark Zuckerberg and his team came up with the idea for a framework that can give hybrid speed and Native performance. After Constant diligence, they finally launched REACT NATIVE that can offer great performance with a shorter deployment cycle.

And then many tech giants like skype, Instagram, Ubereats, etc start using this framework. But still, the Question raises here: why is it so captivating? Let’s see how


Cost-Effective- This means Code once and Run anywhere! This feature especially helps a  corporation to save lots of  time and money, though it can cut the deployment efforts by less than 60% – 50% will get to know more about this cross-platform feature with further reading.

Code-Reusability- This amazing feature of React Native helps the Developers to share one single database for both Android and iOS platforms for building the apps.

Responsiveness – This is also the one feature that makes React Native stand out from other Frameworks that is its UI elements.

NO MEDIA QUERIES NEEDED! Which provides an option for third method screen orientation detection and automatic re-rendering, according to new dimensions(Mobile Screen, Tab, Desktops, etc.

Better UI Development– React Native interface was created with the help of CSS- like sheets. These advanced sheets allow users to use the weight, fonts, height, color, and other such UI features.

Usually, the most focus of frameworks is to supply hybrid app development services to developers. But React Native focuses on offering the simplest interface elements.

Open System & Rich – Everyone is shifting towards React native including the various tech giants specially in Richness, which means having a wide range of Modules as well as free access. 

Write Once Run AnyWhere !

With the Help of React Native, You can use the Same Code for Developing Both Android and IOS Apps. For example, you don’t have to use different languages like JAVA, Swift, C++, and so on for developing Mobile Applications. 

Having a Good Knowledge of JavaScript Plays a great role in Making the App with knowledge of UI libraries and APIs, and then you are set to Go.

Hybrid Apps are much quicker and faster as compared to native mobile apps. 

This means you don’t need to reload the entire hybrid app because hot loading comes into the picture.

3rd Party Integration –  React Native is Very Compatible with 3rd party integrations and consumes slighter memory i.e. you don’t have to have any specific WebView functions for 3rd party plugins. You can just Simply link the plugin with a native module via the framework. These sorts of processes help the app to run smoothly and also stimulate faster loading.


Large Community & Open Source 

I hope you are aware that the term Open Source and React Native comes with a great Community and Open Source with very efficient developers working to fix the bugs Contributing the Community while improving the features, as well as to help people use it efficiently.

Summing Up

So, As we see the view of the various benefits put Forwarded by React Native like Code Once Run anywhere, Cost-Effective, Easy loading, Fully Responsiveness, saving of resources, faster app development, Open Source, Large Community, etc., 

It makes sense to choose this framework for Unique  Mobile App Development.

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Why You Should Consider React Native for Your Mobile App!
Why You Should Consider React Native for Your Mobile App? What are its features and how it can help you build a better mobile app.
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June 19, 2021

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